Rossi model helmet
Rossi model helmet

Rossi and Simoncelli model helmets

Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli model helmets are exact replica's of the real helmets, the model helmets come in 1:8th scale and 1:2 scale.

The Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli model helmets have padding and visors just like the real helmets, the 1:2 scale helmets are supplied in a window box for display, these model helmets are exact in every detail.

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Marco Simoncelli model helmet

Marco Simoncelli 1:2 scale model helmet, visor not perfect

Marco Simoncelli 1:2 scale AGV model helmet made by Minichamps, this is an exact replica of his helmet from 2011, it is limited worldwide to only 999 pieces.

This is the last one we have.