Valentino Rossi Figure
Valentino Rossi Figurine

Rossi Figurines and Simoncelli Figurines

Valentino Rossi figurines and Marco Simoncelli figurines are made by Minichamps, and come in several different positions, Both the Valentino Rossi figurines and the Simoncelli figurines fit the 1:12th scale bikes.

Minichamps figurines of Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli are available in riding figurines, standing figurines, and sitting figurines, Valentino Rossi figurines really set off you 1/12th scale Rossi bikes, and the range is being added to all the time.

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1/6th scale Marco Simoncelli Figure

Marco Simoncelli 1/6th scale figure

This is the most impressive figure yet produced by Minichamps, it is in 1:6th scale and stands 30cm high, it is a limited edition of only 558 pieces worldwide, and would be a centre point in anyones collection.
Rossi figure Ducati test

Valentino Rossi Ducati test bike figure 2010

The first of the Ducati figurines from Valentino Rossi, this is the one for the Ducati test bike from Valencia in 2010.

It is a limited edition of only 2599 pieces worldwide.

Rossi sitting figure Laguna Seca 2005

Valentino Rossi Laguna Seca 2005

This is Rossi sitting on the bike with Yamaha 50th anniversary colours, from Laguna Seca in 2005

Limited Edition of only 3999 pieces worldwide.

Rossi sitting figure 2004

Valentino Rossi MotoGP 2004 sitting

These are a great addition to the 1:12th scale Rossi Minichamps bikes, these replica figurines are the same scale and fit on the bike.

Limited Edition of 4646 worldwide

Rossi Figure 2002

Valentino Rossi figure 2002

The 2002 sitting figure of Rossi which goes with the Repsol Honda, it also comes with a stabilizing stand for the bike.
Rossi and angel 1999

Rossi and Angel from Rio in 1999

Who can forget Valentino Rossi winning the 250cc World Championship in Rio e Janeiro in 1999, and on the run down lap the angel figure catching a ride on the back of his bike. It is a limited edition of only 1999 pieces worldwide.

These figurine fit on to the 1999 Aprilia model from Minichamps.

Rossi Figure riding 1998

Rossi figurine GP 250 1998 riding

The riding figure of Valentino Rossi when he rode the 250cc Aprilia in 1998, it comes complete with a security stand for the bike.
Rossi and chicken

Rossi and Chicken Figure Barcelona 1998

Figurine of Valentino Rossi and the chicken from Barcelona in 1998
Rossi riding figurine with cape 1997

Rossi 1997 GP 125cc riding

One of the best figurines of Valentino Rossi, this one is from the 125cc GP in 1997 with the Superfumi cape and the ball and chain.

Limited Edition of only 7646 pieces worldwide.